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We help organizations in both the private and government sectors thrive through a comprehensive range of consulting services. With a strong focus on training and development, diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) consulting and training, human resources support services, performance process development, and employee and labor relations, Total Force Support offers tailor-made solutions to meet the unique needs of you, our client. 

Business Development

With a deep understanding of the full range of acquisition processes, we excel at connecting resources to customers and customers to resources efficiently. Leveraging micro purchases and simplified acquisition procedures, we ensure swift and seamless transactions.


However, our expertise doesn't stop there. For extensive and long-term projects, we go the extra mile by assisting in the development of comprehensive proposals, determining the scope and scale required. Furthermore, our dedicated support remains steadfast throughout the entire business development cycle.

HR Consulting

Our Team has experience providing human resources support in all sectors (federal, private, nonprofit). Integral to federal government customers is our work in the core 0201 federal job series. Our expertise includes Labor and Employee Relations, Recruiting, Performance Management, Workforce Planning, Retention, and Culture. We have a proven track record of supporting high growth operations as practitioners and senior-level executives. We fast-track startups to significant growth and advise on organizational changes necessary to sustain. 

DEIA Facilitators

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility is projected to be a $15.4 billion dollar industry by CY 2026. Companies are reacting to rapid policy changes, higher legal standards, complaints and lawsuits. Our Team sets customers up for success by being proactive in our approach to DEIA. Our facilitation services primarily focus on educating stakeholders and any person(s) acting as an agent of an organization. We leverage DEIA best practices in the areas of recruitment, interviewing, onboarding, and workforce relations. 

Training and Coaching

A workforce is so much stronger when everyone can leverage their gifts and talents to get the mission accomplished. Sometimes that is challenging. We integrate training and coaching in every component of services we provide. For supervisors, we utilize our Total Force Support 100 Approach­™ to address the many facets of managing people. 

Supplies and Products

Our Team works directly with vendors to connect them with customers soliciting products and services. We have experience working on both sides; as a customer and vendor. We utilize a wealth of resources, and our vast and diverse network, to ensure specific requests receive definitive results. 

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